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The mid-30-year-old girl is eager to get to know you and to discover the beautiful side of life together. Because Naomi is a straightforward, happy girl. You will also quickly realize that the time just goes by so fast with her. That’s why Naomi likes to spend several hours with you.

Naomi score with her carefree manner and her ease of dealing with people, she is also a pretty little one. A petite person, with a small standing breast and a slender body. She has a sweet little Apple bottom and deep brown eyes.

Thaibody Massage Programm

Massage visits are her very special specialty. Her massage is excellent and can really do that very well. Massages from different countries, tender touch, just choose and discuss your wishes with Naomi. She is open-minded for a lot and likes to respond to your wishes, as long as it is achievable. So just talk to each other.

Private as well as sensitive romantic visits or private dates as your personal escort girl, a meeting at a hotel bar or a nice bar or restaurant will be an interesting encounter!

An Asia escort service that is independent of the time of day and especially the time of day. Because having fun for two does not need a clock, but only the right people and a nice date is nothing in the way.

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Naomi visits in Vienna and the surrounding area.

Home visits and hotel visits, escort service, massage visits.

Name: Naomi
Age: 33
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Bust size: 80B
Languages: German/English
Available: Holidays
Honorar: 145 Euro
Phone: +43 1 967 51 64